RAN: A transformative journey


Regional Advocacy Networks (RAN) recently shared the outcomes of a transformative journey spanning over five years with colleagues at Helvetas. 

In today’s intricate landscape, it is imperative to collaboratively design strategies leveraging collective intelligence. Effectively influencing decision-making processes and engaging with power dynamics necessitates aligning and synergizing efforts with a diverse array of stakeholders from the public and private sectors. The strategic utilization of knowledge is fundamental to establishing credibility and ensuring continued relevance.

RAN embodies a fusion of intelligence, adaptability, and resilience, uniting to drive impactful change towards a brighter future. These are the key messages we conveyed during our presentation at Helvetas Switzerland. Our colleagues expressed keen interest in learning about how our network translates ideas into tangible outcomes, our financial sustainability, the potential for replication in different contexts, and the factors that bind us together.

If you share similar inquiries or would like to engage in a dialogue with us, we invite you to join our network and connect with our vibrant policy and advocacy community. https://lnkd.in/d4rMqk3E .

For more see the shared presentation 

Together, we can shape a more inclusive and sustainable world!