At Helvetas, we are committed to facilitating systemic change by leveraging knowledge through our projects, initiatives, partnerships, and networks. As knowledge brokers, we actively contribute to the regional discourse on critical and future-oriented development topics. Our actions aim to create an environment that supports and encourages meaningful transformations in how actors operate within the system.

Policy change is usually non-linear It evolves gradually, beginning long before a specific policy is endorsed and implemented. In advocacy, we recognize it as an achievement when people start to see things differently (shift in definition) and gain a better understanding of the issue addressed. It is noteworthy when they start to behave differently (shift in behaviour) leading to more open discussion among the broad public, partners, allies and primary stakeholders. Another important achievement is reached when people actively engage (shift in engagement) and take concrete steps to address the issue at hand.

A pivotal achievement occurs when a policy, law, regulation or practice undergoes change (shift in policy), leading to tangible improvements in people’s everyday life (shift in practice). These achievements highlight the transformative power of advocacy in driving meaningful change and creating a better future for all; our projects are the testimony to this.

We firmly believe that our achievements are not the result of a single actor or a solitary action. Instead, they stem from the collective efforts and collaborations of diverse stakeholders. Our accomplishments serve as a testament to the transformative power of advocacy in driving meaningful change and creating a better future for all. Drawing from the experiences of each country, we can leverage the lessons learned at the regional level to further promote systemic change. Together, we can continue significantly impacting and fostering positive transformations in our communities.


Policy initiatives from network members on strengthening the voice and participation of civil society, enhancing good governance principles, and improving public services.


Policy initiatives from our network members on promoting access to green job and income opportunities through market- and future-oriented skills, private sector development, effective intermediation, and labour market policies.

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