Our Knowledge Brokers:
Fueling Positive Change in the

At Helvetas, we firmly believe in the power of people to drive meaningful change. As knowledge brokers, development partners, and project implementers, we deeply value the contributions of our collaborators, contributors, and members. Together, we form the dynamic Regional Advocacy Network, propelling impactful change throughout our region.

Our collaborators bring diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources that provide invaluable insights, fostering strong partnerships and amplifying our collective voice.

Through unwavering advocacy, we forge dynamic collaborations that ignite transformative solutions.
Contributors fuel our network’s intellectual and creative energy, offering thought-provoking insights that inform and inspire our advocacy. Their expertise enriches our understanding of regional dynamics, empowering action in communities.

Our members are the driving force of the network, nurturing an environment of exchange, collaboration, and impactful projects.

Whether you’re a collaborator, contributor, or member, your involvement is crucial in driving change in our region. Your voices, perspectives, and actions shape a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for all.

Join us today and be part of a powerful movement for regional advocacy, transforming lives and communities toward a just and sustainable world.

Advocacy works! Stand with us, empowering women and men to determine their lives’ course with dignity and security. Together, we create a lasting impact.

Development Policy Coordinator
Bernd Steimann, PhD (Switzerland)
Regional Advisor
Valbona Karakaçi, PhD (Albania)
Governance Portfolio Manager 
Snezana Misic Mihajlovic (Serbia)
Regional Communications Manager
Arbër Kadia (Albania)
Prof. of Development Economics & Head of HAFL Hugo P. Cecchini Institute
Zenebe Uraguchi (Switzerland)
Communications & KML Manager
Laura Andros (Moldova)
Director of the Advisory Services department at Helvetas
Rupa Mukerji (Switzerland)
Project Manager
Jyldyz Abdyllaeva (Kyrgyzstan)
Economic Development Expert
Ismar Lacevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Programme Officer
Gorana Radovanovic (Serbia)
Campaigner | Teacher | Catalyst
Jonathan Ellis (United Kingdom)
Country Officer
Laura Qorlaze (Albania)
Head of research and consultancy at BFH-HAFL 
Luuk Dorren (Switzerland)
Climate Advisor
Merita Mansaku – Meksi (Albania)
Deputy team Leader
Anna Tibuleak (Moldova)
Advisor Climate Adaptation & Advocacy
Christina Aebischer (Switzerland)
Deputy Project Manager
Shpend Emini (Kosovo)
Expert in policy research and advocacy
Adis Muhović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Journalist and Media Expert
Valbona Sulçe (Albania)
Writer / Public Policy Manager
Dragoslava Barzut (Serbia)
Project Manager
Ertan Munoglu (Kosovo)
Head of Democratization Department
Sihana Nebiu (Albania)
Trainer, mentor and public speaker on journalism and media ethics
Alice Taylor (Albania)
Project Coordinator in Education, Skills Development and Youth Engagement
Mitko Pishtolov (North Macedonia)
Deputy Minister at Ministry of Finance and Economy
Vasilika Vjero (Albania)
Heritage Management, International Development & Responsible Tourism Consultant
Mike Haynes (Georgia)
Director at JEI Learning Center
Emina Vukovic (Montenegro)
Market Systems Development, Private Sector Engagement, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
Elena Ivanova, MBA (North Macedonia)
Vice President Consultative Council of SMEs
Liliana Busuioc (Moldova)
Gender Expert, MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict
Ljupka Trajanovska (North Macedonia)
Team Leader Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion/ Senior Advisor Gender & Social Equity
Agnieszka Kroskowska (Switzerland)
Team Leader
Erton Kashta (Albania)
Former Vice Minister at Ministry of Tourism and Environment
Ornela Çuçi (Albania)
Tourism Sector Manager
Mirtjon Mita (Albania)
Senior Intervention Manager
Gramos Osmani (Albania)
Environment and Climate Change Manager
Anastasia Bekish (Georgia)
Deputy director at FLAG
Artan Rroji (Albania)
Digital Marketing Specialist
Erris Boshnjaku (Kosovo)
Intervention Manager
Blerta Peta (Albania)
Component manager
Arben Kopliku (Albania)
Economic development expert
Alexander Grunauer (Serbia)
Independent Consultant
Anica Aleksova (North Macedonia)
Journalist & Civic activist
Biljana Jovicevic (North Macedonia)
Executive Director of the Association for Local Autonomy
Adelina Farrici (Albania)
Executive Director at ATIC
Marina Bzovîi (Moldova)
Olsi Nika (Albania)
NALAS Smart City and Digitalization Officer
Jana Belcheva Andreevska (North Macedonia)
Executive Director at NALAS
Kelmend Zajazi (North Macedonia)
Innovation & Communication
Bistra Kumbaroska (Austria)
Communication, Content- & Online Marketing
Christina Forster (Austria)
Consultant, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert 
Danijela Bozovic (Serbia)
PR, communication and CSR expert
Masa Babic (Serbia)
Advisor Vocational Skills Development
Adrien Rebord (Switzerland)
Governance Advisor
Melina Papageorgiou Trippolini (Switzerland)
PR, communication and CSR expert
Masa Babic (Serbia)
Human Rights Advisor
Archita Faustmann (Switzerland)
Circular Economy and Waste Management Expert
Lulzim Baumann (Kosovo – Albania)
Environmental Expert
Ben Dida (Kosovo)
Genc Demiraj (Kosovo)
Environmental Engineer
Julinda Dhame (Albania)
Environmental & Local Governance Manager
Elton Qendro (Albania)
Head of Development Cooperation at German Embassy Pristina
Vera Baumann (Kosovo)
Deputy Head of Department Cooperation with Eastern Europe
Beate K. Elsaesser
Head of Development Cooperation / Deputy Head
Henrik Riby
MRM Specialist at Helvetas | P/CVE Practitioner
Orhan Ceka (Kosovo)
Councillor – Elected at Local Parliament, Albania
Rigerta Loku (Albania)
Journalist & Civic activist at Help
Biljana Jovicevic
Project Manager
Timo Näf
Bruni Stefan
Programme and Project Management
Zeljko Karanovic
Strategic Communications Manager
Nikolina Vilov
International relations, bilateral agreements and communication
Carina Turcin
Learning & Innovation Advisor
Gloria Spezzano
Project Manager
Majlinda Jupolli
Civic Initiative
Ema Štefanac
Manager of Knowledge and Learning
Nadire Selimi

Become a member of Helvetas Regional Advocacy Network!

Join Helvetas Regional Advocacy Network and become an integral part of our transformative journey in the Western Balkans. As a member, you will become part of a passionate and dedicated community focused on promoting advocacy and effective policymaking. Engage with like-minded individuals from diverse sectors, including the private sector, governments, academia, civil society, educators, and interest groups.

Through regular exchanges, you will have the opportunity to explore successful solutions implemented in Helvetas projects, benefitting from best practices and addressing region-specific challenges. Together, we can create lasting change and foster sustainable development in the Western Balkans. Join us now and be a driving force for positive impact. Advocacy works!