Advocacy Knowledge

Advocacy Toolbox: Develop an ambitious but realistic advocacy strategy in eight simple steps

The Advocacy Toolbox is a comprehensive resource designed to support the development and enhancement of effective advocacy strategies. Whether you are new to advocacy or an experienced practitioner, this toolbox provides practical guidance and step-by-step approaches to navigate the complex landscape of influencing decisions and driving positive change. With a focus on promoting justice, inclusivity, and pro-poor policies and processes, the toolbox equips you with the necessary tools and insights to articulate problem statements, identify influential stakeholders, leverage different avenues of influence, gather compelling evidence, measure progress, and manage risks. Explore the eight sections of this toolbox to craft an informed and impactful advocacy strategy tailored to your specific context.

Development Policy Coordinator
Bernd Steimann, PhD

Regional Advisor for the Western Balkans at Helvetas and Strategic Advisor
Valbona Karakaçi, PhD

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