Unused Potential of the Private Sector in Civil Society Development Efforts


The Center for Civic Initiatives (CCI), the Institute for Youth Development KULT, and our Proactive Citizen Project (PRAGG) from Bosnia and Herzegovina convened a #DevPolHack Problem Identification Session focused on the “Unused Potential of the Private Sector in Civil Society Development Efforts.” The core challenge addressed was the relationship among civil society, the private sector, and policymakers in effecting change through successful advocacy.

Using several tools provided by #DevPolHack, an in-depth analysis of the root causes hindering advocacy led to the identification of several key challenges:

  • Mutual trust and cooperation between civil society and the business sector.
  • Mechanisms for dialogue and cooperation based on common interests between the private and civil society sectors.
  • Institutional openness to including CSO and business sector representatives in policy creation and decision-making.
  • Media and civic literacy to enhance understanding of the EU integration processes.
  • Strengthening institutional capacities to be more inclusive and open.
  • Breaking down counter-narratives using simple language to help citizens and the private sector understand the real benefits of the EU integration process.

In October, these problems will be addressed in a second #DevPolHack session hosted by PRAGG in BiH, where solutions will be designed by RAN Members in a face-to-face workshop.

Special thanks to Ljupka Simonoska Schulz (#DevPolHack Facilitator), who expertly led the problem identification process.