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On April 10th, 2019 the Regional Advocacy Working Group conducted its second meeting focused on advocacy. The meeting had representatives from various projects, including RISI and BtF from Albania, EfE from North Macedonia, MarketMakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and former PERFORM from Serbia, and Headquarters.

The objectives of this meeting were to provide updates on the overall progress of the Regional Working Group, with a specific focus on the Advocacy Regional Working Group, explore emerging Advocacy case studies in the region, and collaboratively define the forthcoming steps for the group’s activities.

During the meeting, bilateral discussions took place between Bernd Steimann, Development Policy Coordinator, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, and representatives from DEMOS, RISI, and E4E. These discussions aimed to evaluate the project’s expertise in addressing the questions of “What is the problem?” and “How to solve the problem?”

The deepening of understanding about the policy process took place by discussing How to Note: Result-oriented Policy Dialogue?

(SDC Note). Bernd Steimann and Valbona Karakaci shared their experience of ddlgn (SDC governance network), where Helvetas Advocacy Tool of measuring the impact of Advocacy Work was discussed and appreciated by development experts.

The meeting concluded with the Regional Advocacy Working Group discussing and proposing the next course of action.

Interested to learn more about the Terms of Reference of Advocacy Working Group take a look here.