Foster Rural Development through Strategic Advocacy


Risi Albania Advocacy Training Module in Rural Development

Risi Albania supporting the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA), organized a series of workshops targeting municipality staff to share the successful experience of the Risi-supported Municipality of Kolonja. To develop the training module, three capitalization sessions were held in March 2021 with Gramos Osmani (Risi Albania) to document the case of Kolonja municipality, identify key aspects and capitalize on relevant experiences and lessons learned.

The collected information enabled the comprehensive reconstruction and analysis of the Kolonja advocacy process. This understanding was then leveraged to illustrate how rural municipalities in Albania could effectively foster rural development through strategic advocacy with and towards systemic actors. Building upon the Kolonja case, the proposed training module focused on problem-solving techniques and fostering rural development through strategic advocacy.

A pilot training was conducted through a hybrid format, facilitated by Bernd Steimann and Valbona Karakaci from Helvetas, alongside Gramos Osmani (from Risi) as a resource person.

The training was designed for Civil Servants from Local and National Administrations with expertise in areas such as Local Economic Development, Agricultural Services, Rural Development, and Public-Private partnership. Additionally, it was proposed to the School of Public Administration as regular training for Civil Servants from Local and National Administrations interested in Strategic Advocacy.


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