Law no. 115/2014 “On the administrative and territorial division of local government units in Albania” stipulated the administrative division into 12 regions and 61 municipalities. 

Law on Local Financies 68/2017 

Law on Local Self Government 

Cross Cutting Decentralisation Strategy  2015-2020 

Cross Cutting Decentralisation Strategy  2023-2030 

Cross Cutting Strategy on Gender Equality 2021-2030 

Strategy and National Plan on Waste Management 2020-35 

Waste Statistics Regulations 2021 

Methodology on Cost Calculation of Waste Management 2018 

For Landfilling of Waste 

On 13th of April 2023 the Parliament voted in favor of our amendments regarding sexism in the audiovisual media

Digital Agenda 2015-2020 

Recommendation to the Parliament 

The project started in April 2022 and had as an objective the revision of the national legislation in the field of sexism in the audiovisual media in accordance with EU acquis. We prepared a legal study by a legal expert, Prof. Assoc.Eralda Cani,  which identified all gaps in our legislations and proposed concrete amendments to 7 laws to harmonize with the EU acquis. We trained 7 other CSOs on the Advocacy Techniques for the EU acquis in October 2022. We sent our official comments to the e-consultation platform regarding the draft law on audiovisual media, together with AWEN, the Albanian Women Empowerment Network on the advise of the RAN to maximize our advocacy efforts. AWEN also made a video statement supporting our arguments for the amendments on the law. In  December we had a meeting with the Parliamentary Media  Commission, where we presented our findings. From January to March we had meetings with 11 MPs and officials of the Parliament and Government, including Ms Merita Bakiu, the Chairwoman of the Alliance of Women MPs, Ms Klotilda Bushka, head of the Law Commission, Ms Jorida Tabaku, head of the EU Integration Commission, Ms Ermonela Felaj, Vice-speaker of the Parliament, Ms Flutura Acka, Head of the Media Commission, Ms Etilda Gjoni, SP, Ms Dhurata Cupi, DP, Ms Erisa Xhixho, LP and Mr Elvin Gjevori, head of the Institute for the Parliamentary Studies, Ms Enkeleda Muca, Vice Minister of the Infrastructure and Energy, Ms Etleva Sheshi, Director at the Ministry for Social Protection. In the meantime, we built an intensive sociam media campaign when we reflected all our advocacy efforts. We named it “With voice and Picture” and “Women keep their promises”. In the final Roundtable held on 22 February 2023 where we presented the findings of the study, the Ombudswoman Ms Ballanca promised to send a Recommendation to the Parliament in support of our suggestions for amendments.